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In this blog you will find many I Ching readings that I have done.  You will also find some articles on topics relating to the I Ching in general.  Continue reading

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Publishing the book “The Logic of Chance”

I wasn’t sure whether to self-publish this book or find a traditional publisher. So I asked the I Ching “How should I publish my book?” I obtained hexagrams 41, “Decrease,” cost (in money, energy or time), expenses, and 59, “Dispersion,” spreading, distributing. Continue reading

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What would be the best model for Health Care in the U.S.?

The result consisted of hexagram 42, “Increase,” assisting, enhancing and hexagram 36, “Darkening of the Light,” injury, harm. The theme is: “Assistance to keep people out of harm” (suffering or financial ruin). Line 3 says, “One is enriched through unfortunate events. No blame, if you are sincere and walk in the middle, and report with a seal to the prince.” In other words, “there should be assistance for people in unfortunate circumstances. They should be reported to someone with the authority to take care of them.” Line 5 says, “If in truth you have a kind heart, ask not. Supreme good fortune.” This could mean that “Patients should not abuse the system with unnecessary requests for services” and “Providers and insurers should not charge excessive rates.Line 6 says, “He brings increase to no one. Indeed, someone even strikes him.” This could mean that “Those who do not provide good service or charge unfair rates should be penalized.” The image of hexagram 42 says, “Thus the superior man: if he sees good, he imitates it; if he has faults, he rids himself of them.” This means that “what works in other health care systems should be copied and what does not work in the current system should be discarded.”

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What will be the result of the U.S. Presidential Election November 8, 2016

This reading was done November 3, 2016 with the polls showing Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump. The result consisted of hexagram 22,”Grace,” attractive, charismatic, superficial and hexagram 6, “Conflict,” contentious, controversial, antagonistic. The theme of this reading is clearly about Trump. After conducting a divisive campaign, Trump unexpectedly won the election but Clinton won the popular vote by 2.9 million votes. The Trump administration was plagued by numerous conflicts. Another theme is that a superficial perception of issues fueled antagonistic views. That could explain the outcome of this election.

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Will Britain vote to leave the European Union this year (Brexit)?

This reading was done June 15, 2016. The vote took place June 23. The result consisted of hexagram 24, “Return,” turnaround, about-face, reversal and hexagram 27, “The Corners of the Mouth,” voicing, expressing. The theme is not about staying the course. The only phrase these hexagrams can form is “A reversal (against the E.U.) was expressed.Continue reading

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What type of company should I consider for my next job?

Monica, a married young woman, quit a very demanding job in a big consulting firm that left her exhausted. She wanted to work under different conditions and wondered what type of company would be most suitable to her. After a brief discussion with me, she categorized the possible companies in three types: big, startup, and non-profit. Then she asked: What type of company should I consider for my next job? Continue reading

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A Prediction: The SF Giants vs. the Kansas City Royals

This reading was done on October 23, 2014, and the final and deciding game took place on October 29. The result consisted of hexagram 1, “The Creative” and hexagram 9, “The Taming Power of the Small.” From the Dictionary of the 64 Hexagrams in Chapter X, the applicable hexagram meanings are action, activity for the first hexagram and barely, slightly for the second. Therefore, the theme of the reading is “After all the activity (playing), one team will win by just one point.” Continue reading

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Ira Progoff consults the I Ching with Carl Jung

In his book Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny, American psychotherapist Ira Progoff describes his experience using the I Ching for the first time when he met Carl Jung in Switzerland.  Jung proposed that he ask this question to the I Ching: “What is the significance of this meeting to me?”  Mr. Progoff obtained hexagrams 59, “Dispersion (Dissolution),” disseminating, scattering, crossing the great water, and 57, “The Penetrating, Wind,” deepening, taking root, inspiring.  By combining both symbols, these are the themes of the reading: You crossed the great water to deepen your knowledge,” describing the existing situation Continue reading

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Possible reason why the I Ching works

There is no established scientific explanation why the I Ching works as an intuitive tool. The fact that intuition and precognition exist suggests that the deepest part of the human mind has access to a quantum level that is beyond space and time. Anyone doing a reading is enabling the coins (and possibly the surrounding environment) to convey meaningful information from that level. Perhaps someday Quantum Theory will explain this fact as an extension of the observer effect, the fact that the act of observing a particle affects its behavior, which reveals the role consciousness plays in the physical world.



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Could the I Ching be used too much?

The I Ching is an intuitive tool that always points to growth and personal empowerment.  Using the I Ching is justified every time there is a legitimate need for guidance, insight,
creativity, wisdom, or prediction. Continue reading

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Predicting the outcome of a war

In his book I Ching – The Book of Change, English author and scholar John Blofeld describes how he consulted the I Ching and predicted the outcome of the war between China and India in 1962. His reading indicated that the invasion would end very quickly and without much territorial gain.

When he did the reading, China had already invaded Indian land due to an old border dispute. He obtained hexagram 48, “The Well,” utilizing, taking advantage of, and 63, “After Completion,” completing. Combining both hexagrams produces this theme: “China took advantage of the situation and will complete the operation.” Continue reading

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