Possible reason why the I Ching works

There is no established scientific explanation why the I Ching works as an intuitive tool. The fact that intuition and precognition exist suggests that the deepest part of the human mind has access to a quantum level that is beyond space and time. Anyone doing a reading is enabling the coins (and possibly the surrounding environment) to convey meaningful information from that level. Perhaps someday Quantum Theory will explain this fact as an extension of the observer effect, the fact that the act of observing a particle affects its behavior, which reveals the role consciousness plays in the physical world.



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Could the I Ching be used too much?

The I Ching is an intuitive tool that always points to growth and personal empowerment.  Using the I Ching is justified every time there is a legitimate need for guidance, insight,
creativity, wisdom, or prediction. Continue reading

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Predicting the outcome of a war

In his book I Ching – The Book of Change, English author and scholar John Blofeld describes how he consulted the I Ching and predicted the outcome of the war between China and India in 1962. His reading indicated that the invasion would end very quickly and without much territorial gain.

When he did the reading, China had already invaded Indian land due to an old border dispute. He obtained hexagram 48, “The Well,” utilizing, taking advantage of, and 63, “After Completion,” completing. Combining both hexagrams produces this theme: “China took advantage of the situation and will complete the operation.” Continue reading

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Publishing the book “The Logic of Chance”

I wasn’t sure whether to self-publish this book or find a traditional publisher. So I asked the I Ching “How should I publish my book?” I obtained hexagrams 41, “Decrease,” cost (in money, energy or time), expenses, and 59, “Dispersion,” spreading, distributing. Continue reading

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