What is the I Ching

Ancient Chinese CoinThe I Ching, also called The Book of Changes, originated in China over 3000 years ago and is still being used as an intuitive tool for decision making, forward-thinking, creativity, and insight.

Scholars from Confucius to Carl Jung embraced it and wrote valuable comments. The I Ching reveals clarity out of complexity and uncertainty. Thus it enables people all over the world to make sense of their circumstances and take charge of their lives.

The I Ching contains a set of 64 symbols that can metaphorically describe any situation and course of action. After a question is asked, three equal coins are tossed six times. From these outcomes, one or two symbols called hexagrams are built from the bottom up.  The hexagrams derived from the coin toss refer to corresponding passages in the I Ching book.

This result, once interpreted, always gives an insightful answer, even if one doesn’t know the I Ching.  It appears as if every question triggers an intelligent force that always points to the answer, overcoming chance! Perhaps this force can also influence events…

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