The Method of Interpretation

Hexagram Mandada with Yin Yang symbol A Unique and Innovative Approach to I Ching Interpretation
This approach is explained in full detail in my book, The Logic of Chance. This approach is based on holistic perception: Perceiving the big picture in a result of a reading and perceiving all the parts (texts) in the context of the big picture.

Holistic Perception
Holistic perception implies that an interpretation should be based on the resulting hexagram(s) because only they can form the big picture. This requires that the focus must be on the most relevant meanings of those hexagram(s) for a given reading and how those meanings combined form motifs or significant patterns that can be expressed as coherent phrases.

Theme of the Reading
The phrase that most deeply relates to the reading is the theme of the reading. The theme is essential for understanding the answer. This phrase points to the answer, the present or future situation, or the main issue of the reading.
The associated texts—moving line(s) if present, image(s), and judgment(s)—are then interpreted in the context of the theme. The answer may be in the theme, in an associated text, or could be simply absent, in which case it is negative or unfavorable.