About the author

Alberto Ramon, Author, The Logic of Chance, I Ching Interpretation

Alberto Ramon

Alberto Ramon, MS in Engineering, worked as an industrial engineer, programmer-analyst, and professor of computer science.  He studied Eastern philosophies, Carl Jung, Quantum Physics, Parapsychology, and Systems Theory.

Mr. Ramon’s interest in the I Ching began in 1974 when he came across an I Ching book at a Berkeley bookstore.  He overcame his initial skepticism and started to consult the I Ching when he learned that Carl Jung, the famous Swiss psychiatrist, used it extensively.

Eventually, inspired by a dream, he conceived a new approach based on holistic perception to view situations and interpret I Ching readings.  According to this approach, intuition perceives first the big picture, which provides the context for understanding the parts or details.  This insight led him to the study of the I Ching hexagrams as whole entities, each representing a category of related meanings.  He also incorporated the concept of pattern recognition in his approach.  How the resulting hexagrams from a reading relate to each other and to the question posed was the basis of his research and the inspirational incentive for writing Wise Decisions with the I Ching

Mr. Ramon applies this holistic approach to I Ching symbolism and interpretation. He helps his clients make the best possible decisions on business and personal issues. The website/blog for his consulting pratice is http://www.yourinsightfuldecision.com.

Mr. Ramon currently resides in Northern California.