Publishing the book “The Logic of Chance”

I wasn’t sure whether to self-publish this book or find a traditional publisher. So I asked the I Ching “How should I publish my book?” I obtained hexagrams 41, “Decrease,” cost (in money, energy or time), expenses, and 59, “Dispersion,” spreading, distributing.

Combining these symbols results in these phrases: “The cost will be spread among the various activities” and “After spending money you’ll need to do the distribution.” This is not about associating with a publishing company but about the cost of several services (editing the manuscript, publishing, distribution, marketing, etc.) and also about doing some distribution myself.  Working with a publisher does not require any money. So the response was about self-publishing.

Line 1 in hexagram 41 says: “Going quickly when one’s tasks are finished is without blame, but one must reflect on how much one may decrease others.” This means that achieving my goal more easily with self-publishing should not be at the expense of another goal, like the quality of the book.

Line 5 says: “Someone does indeed increase him. Ten pairs of tortoises cannot oppose it. Supreme good fortune.” This implies that I would benefit by using somebody’s services or perhaps reading a book on self-publishing.

The image in hexagram 59 says: “The kings of old sacrificed to the Lord and built temples,” which again refers to the cost needed to create something valuable. This book was self-published.

About Alberto Ramon

Author, The Logic of Chance: A New Approach to I Ching Interpretation for Decision Making
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3 Responses to Publishing the book “The Logic of Chance”

  1. norm726 says:

    Very insightful interpretation. It appears you certainly do have to use intuition for you interpretation because the literal meanings of the hexagrams and lines are very obscure.
    How did intuition help you arrive at the overall theme?

    • aramon876 says:

      I put together the most applicable meanings of the resulting hexagrams and form one or more phrases. My intuition guides me to the most meaningful phrase for the reading that I identify as the theme.

    • I forgot to mention that my book contains a dictionary of the 64 hexagrams which covers the spectrum of all the meanings related to the human experience. This dictionary was developed over more than 20 years of practice. Each hexagram contains a category of this spectrum of meanings. Intuitively one has to select the most applicable meanings of each hexagram for each reading.

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