Will Britain vote to leave the European Union this year (Brexit)?

This reading was done June 15, 2016. The vote took place June 23. The result consisted of hexagram 24, “Return,” turnaround, about-face, reversal and hexagram 27, “The Corners of the Mouth,” voicing, expressing. The theme is not about staying the course. The only phrase these hexagrams can form is “A reversal (against the E.U.) was expressed. Line 6 says:”Missing the return. Misfortune. If armies are set marching in this way, one will in the end suffer a great defeat,” indicating negative consequences. As it turned out, the separatists prevailed and the British economy was adversely affected by the vote. The actual separation did not take place yet because the formal request to secede was made months later.

About Alberto Ramon

Author, The Logic of Chance: A New Approach to I Ching Interpretation for Decision Making thelogicofchance.com
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