Ira Progoff consults the I Ching with Carl Jung

In his book Jung, Synchronicity, and Human Destiny, American psychotherapist Ira Progoff describes his experience using the I Ching for the first time when he met Carl Jung in Switzerland.  Jung proposed that he ask this question to the I Ching: “What is the significance of this meeting to me?”  Mr. Progoff obtained hexagrams 59, “Dispersion (Dissolution),” disseminating, scattering, crossing the great water, and 57, “The Penetrating, Wind,” deepening, taking root, inspiring.  By combining both symbols, these are the themes of the reading: You crossed the great water to deepen your knowledge,” describing the existing situation and “If you disseminate ideas, they will penetrate, take root, and inspire.”  The image of hexagram 57 says: “Thus the superior man spreads his commands abroad and carries out his undertakings,” confirming the second theme.  Line 3 says: “He dissolves his self.  No remorse.”  This is about setting aside personal desires.  The implication is that the ideas would be mainly Jung’s ideas, not his.  Ira Progoff went on to become a well-known Jungian psychologist and writer. (Note: This is a reinterpretation of the reading mentioned in Mr. Progoff’s book)

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  1. Deb says:

    This interpretation makes such good sense. Thank you for the clarity. Your book does something never done before!

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