About this blog

In this blog you will find many I Ching readings that I have done.  You will also find some articles on topics relating to the I Ching in general. 

Hexagram meanings

The hexagram meanings used in the readings are the most applicable meanings taken from the dictionary of the 64 hexagrams that is listed in my book Wise Decisions with the I Ching. The dictionary is based on the following premise: The set of the 64 hexagrams represents the full spectrum of meanings that describe human experiences. Each hexagram represents a distinct category of this spectrum.  However, for any given reading, only a few meanings of the resulting hexagram or hexagrams are applicable and the rest are irrelevant. 

If you would like to learn more about  a subject that I have not yet written about, please leave a comment under this post and I will be happy to write a new post about that topic. And if there is anything on this site that is not clear to you, please leave a comment about it here, and I will write a post about that too.

Thank you for helping me make this blog as illuminating and useful as possible.

About Alberto Ramon

Author, The Logic of Chance: A New Approach to I Ching Interpretation for Decision Making thelogicofchance.com
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5 Responses to About this blog

  1. Hi! My name is Tamara Di Tella. Now I understand many I Ching readings. From now on, I will not make any important decision without consulting the I Ching first. Thanks!!!, Tamara

  2. Hector Buitrago says:

    Hector Buitrago says
    Good interpretation for intuition and decision maker for this time of changes

  3. Joy Khoo says:

    I had a very rich and informative session with Alberto today pertaining to my career choices. Extremely powerful questions along with answers to guide a rather complex situation amidst some changes in my life. For me, it was helpful to hear the guidance as I am looking to more mindfully surrender to what’s most aligned to the present wisdom vs too much thinking in the head. Thank you, Alberto!

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